Church Secretarial

Program Purpose

Most churches today need a secretary, and many times a pastor’s wife will find herself filling that role. The Church Secretarial program is designed to give the student the background needed to serve effectively as a secretary in a local church. The student receives a foundation in Bible, essential general education courses, church business courses that develop their secretarial skills, and church education courses that help them to understand ministry in a local church.

Program Overview

66 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

22 Credit Hours

General Education

12 Credit Hours


2 Credit Hours

Biblical Language

19 Credit Hours

Church Education

11 Credit Hours

Key Courses

BUS 101 | 2 Credit Hours

 The development of typing techniques with stress on fingering, accuracy, rhythm, and speed. Instruction and practice in machine transcription are included.

BUS | 112 Credit Hours

 Instruction in the ethics, protocol, etiquette, and demeanor of a church secretary. Instruction in secretarial responsibilities including the establishment…

BUS 201 | 3 Credit Hours

Instruction and practice in Microsoft® word processing and spread sheets with an emphasis on producing documents, reports, charts, graphs, and tables commonly used…

BUS 210 | 2 Credit Hours

 Study of procedures for using QuickBooks® for Non-Profit Organizations. Students will set up and maintain a financial system on QuickBooks® for a church or a ministry.

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