Music Statement

The Music at Indiana Baptist College

        Music is a wonderful gift of God. The Scriptures speak abundantly to the place, purpose, and power of music, both in our lives as individual believers, and in the corporate life of each local church. Godly music has often been effective in bringing the hearts of people to a tender and thoughtful responsiveness to the preaching of the Word of God. For many, music was even an element in their eventual coming to Christ in faith for salvation.

        Consequently, Indiana Baptist College views the study of music as an important element in training for ministry. Music is a language understood by all—any age, any background, any nation, any culture. We believe that it has tremendous potential for good, or for evil. We hold firmly to the position that music has a moral quality, and consequently, that there is a music that pleases, honors, and glorifies God best; and that there is music that displeases and dishonors Him. In addition, we believe that there is music that more effectively ministers to the true needs of people, when evaluated in terms of God’s intended purposes for music, in conjunction with His will and working in the lives of people. On the other hand, we believe there is a music that either overtly, or subtly, impacts people negatively in terms of God’s working and will in their lives. While we recognize that people inevitably have their individual musical likes, dislikes, preferences, opinions, etc., we nonetheless believe that we as a training institution have an obligation to teach and uphold as clearly as possible those principles of music that we find to be in harmony with what the Scripture teaches about music.

        Indiana Baptist College takes a decided and unapologetic stand for conservative, traditional Christian music in its training for ministry. We carefully avoid CCM and other ‘popular music’ styles, even though in many instances present-day independent Baptist churches have embraced or use such styles to some degree. We work with our students in teaching them conservative Biblical principles of music in coursework, in private music lessons, in our vocal and instrumental ensembles, as well as in the chapel services and special services throughout their years at Indiana Baptist College.