Our Vision

In a world increasingly adrift from God and righteousness, there is a desperate need of prepared leaders who without reserve will boldly serve the Lord. The vision of Indiana Baptist College and Seminary is to train Christian leaders for independent Baptist ministry, leaders that will exhibit a heart for the Lord, for the local church, and for the Great Commission. While holding to a strong position on the Bible, sound Baptist doctrine, Biblical standards, and traditional, conservative Christian music, Indiana Baptist College and Seminary seeks to nurture in each student that fundamental walk with the Lord so vital for an effective Christian life and ministry. Students are challenged by a quality educational program and are encouraged to apply what they learn both to their daily lives and to their local church ministry.

Training Christian leaders with a heart for the Lord, the local church, and the Great Commission.

The Three V's

Our desire is to see our students develop a heart for the Lord, the local church, and the Great Commission. To cultivate this, we especially emphasize three key areas of personal development for each student.

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”

Psalm 1:2

Vital Walk with God

An active, personal relationship with God lays the foundation for the Christian life. It is so important that Christians establish a strong devotion life that centers on God’s Word and prayer. Since having a vital walk with God is a personal responsibility, we diligently emphasize the student’s development of a personal, daily time with God. We further this emphasis through targeted chapel messages, evening group devotions, and the testimony of teachers and staff that have already found the joy of developing a personal relationship with God.

“Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God…”

Romans 6:13

Victorious Life Principles

Man has a sin nature, an inclination to disobey God. At the moment of salvation, the Christian is freed from the chains of sin. However, many Christians are frustrated, wanting to please God, but continuing to live in bondage to their sinful desires. Being freed from the bondage of sin, Christians are instructed to allow Christ to reign in their lives. We believe that it is essential for Christian leaders to understand and experience these principles of a consistently yielded Christian life. Through chapel services, classes, and one on one counseling, students are shown how that the power of Christ is sufficient to aid them in overcoming sin and walking in personal victory.

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Proverbs 3:6

Vision for Life

God has a great vision for the world that includes the past, present, and future.  As part of His master plan, He has decided to use each individual believer in a very specific way to accomplish His purpose.  We diligently seek to encourage our students to catch a vision of how God desires to use them personally in His great program.  As God leads students in specific ministry directions, we work to prepare those students for potential ministry opportunities.

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