Degree Programs

We offer a variety of degrees that all focus on the same thing; training Christian leaders for ministry. Our degree programs are carefully designed to properly equip students for the ministry that God has for them. Each degree has an extensive foundation of Biblical studies. It is then furthered with a core of academic basics, and specific classes that match the field of studies selected by the student.

Struggling with the last stretch of high school? We have helped others, and we can help you complete your high school course of study while earning college credit at the same time!​

Evangelism and Missions Programs

Dual Credit Program

The dual credit program is designed to help high schoolers have a strong academic finish while giving them a head start on their college classwork. The program is both for high schoolers that are excelling academically and are looking to move to the next step early, and for high schoolers who may be struggling to complete their high school requirements. Our academic advisors will help craft a personalized program to fit the student’s academic objectives.

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Christian Workers Certificate

The Christian Workers Certificate program is designed to help equip active believers for effective ministry in their local church. The certificate is awarded upon the completion of 16 credit hours, including at least 4 credit hours in Bible. The Academic Dean will guide the student to tailor a program to fit his ministry objectives. 

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Indiana Baptist Seminary

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