A Legacy of Training Christian Leaders

In 1918, Dr. Ford Porter began to pray for a ministry that would train Christian workers who would serve around the world long after his death. He also prayed for a ministry that would be a witness around the clock. In 1933, one of these prayers began to be answered when Dr. Porter wrote his famous gospel tract, “God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.” This tract has been printed 650,000,000 times and has been translated into over 120 languages.

In 1955, Dr. Porter’s other prayer request began to be answered in the founding of Berean Bible Institute in downtown Indianapolis. The first classes were taught by Dr. William Forster, who was soon joined by Dr. Leon Maurer. The college began to see Christian workers trained to serve a life of ministry for Christ. As time passed, the school’s name was changed to Indiana Baptist College, which grew as its dedicated faculty trained leading pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers.

Dr. Clinton Branine continued the vision of Dr. Ford Porter as the campus was moved to its present location on the south side of Indianapolis with Dr. William Forster continuing in his leading position of teaching doctrine. It was agreed that the college be placed under the direction of Dr. Clinton Branine, after which it was moved to the Greenwood suburb of Indianapolis. Dr. Branine presided over the construction of the Ford Porter building, which contained the dormitories, classrooms, chapel, library, cafeteria, and college offices. Dr. Branine was President for ten years and merged the college with Heritage Baptist University of North Jackson, Ohio under the leadership of Dr. Russell Dennis, Sr.

During Dr. Dennis, Sr.’s tenure as President, the college saw the addition of other new buildings to the campus, including the Leon F. Maurer Library and the Men’s Dormitory. Upon Dr. Dennis’ death in 1998, his son, Rev. Russell Dennis, Jr., succeeded him as the college president, serving in that capacity until December of 2006. Dr. Duane King then served as Interim President for the school year of 2007-2008, after which Rev. Paul Reed served as the Acting President for the 2008-2009 school year. From 2010 to the present, Rev. Paul Reed has served as the President of Indiana Baptist College. Under his leadership the C. L. Branine Administration and Student Center building was completed. Indiana Baptist College continues true to its original mission of training pastors, evangelists, missionaries, musicians, and educators for the work of the Lord.

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