Admissions Requirements

All who apply for admission must be believers who desire to increase their proficiency in serving the Lord, are members in good standing of an independent Baptist church and have a positive recommendation from their pastor. Admission to Indiana Baptist College is not limited by race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

Step 1

Submit an application. You can do this by clicking “Apply Now” on this page. Once we receive your application, we seek to respond within one business day with guidance on completing Step 2.

Step 2

Complete the admissions process. This is a process that helps us collect the information necessary for attendance at IBC. Some of the forms you will be filling out include your testimony and insurance information. You will also submit your transcripts and CLT/ACT/SAT scores at this time. During the admissions process you will be in contact with the Admissions Office, which will help guide you in completing this process. The processing of applications requires evaluation of high school and college credits, as well as careful consideration of character references, testimony, and other relevant factors.

Step 3

Board review. At this point your work is done and the Admissions Board will make a decision about your application. Once a decision has been made a letter will be sent out to notify you.

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course registration And Academic Counseling

The college seeks to provide all students with sufficient guidance and advice in the selection of courses for particular programs each semester. In order to receive credit for any course, a student must meet all prerequisites for that course and must be registered for the course in the college office. The student should feel free to seek advice or counsel from faculty members on spiritual, vocational, or other matters that concern him. Appointments with the President, Academic Dean, Dean of Men, etc., can be secured from the main office.

Special Cases

Special Students

Students with irregular educational backgrounds may apply under the Special Student status. Students will follow the normal application procedures and, if accepted, will receive a Special Student classification. A Special Student must abide by all general regulations, including dress and Christian character guidelines.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must request each college attended previously to send a complete transcript of your work to the Admissions Department. Credits with a grade of “C” or better are eligible for transfer consideration, and may satisfy requirements in applicable areas of your degree.

Visiting students

Students which are enrolled at another college may take courses for credit as a visiting student, and course credit may be transferred to the other institution upon request of the student. Visiting students follow the regular admission and registration procedures.

Early Admission

Indiana Baptist College provides early admission to highly capable, spiritually mature students to enter the college as regular students prior to high school graduation. This program is designed to meet the educational needs of highly qualified students, to help them realize their God-given potentials, and to produce proficient servants of the Lord Jesus Christ in less than the traditional four years. Along with the regular application form and nonrefundable application fee, such students must submit a letter outlining their reasons for seeking early admission to Indiana Baptist College, as well as their future vocational plans, and a recommendation letter for early admission from the applicant’s high school principal.

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