Financial Information

Indiana Baptist College is committed to providing a quality educational program at an affordable cost.  Our goal is that every IBC student be able to graduate from college and enter ministry without the shackles of college debt.  To achieve this goal, we have set up our financial program so that IBC students can work their way through school graduating debt free. 

Debt-free Graduation

Numerous Available Scholarships

Veterans Affairs Funding

Average Semester Cost

*Without scholarships. Average fees included.

Dorm Student


Town Student




per credit hour if taking fewer than 12 hours


per credit hour if taking 12 or more credit hours.

Room and Board



Average Semester Fees


All Students

Matriculation fee per semester (more than 12 hours)$150.00
Matriculation fee per hour (fewer than 12 hours)$12.50
Technology fee per semester$50.00
Keycard fee per year$10.00
Application Fee$25.00
Finance fee per semester$50.00
Transcript fee per transcript$10.00
Drop/Add fee$10.00
Graduation fee$150.00
Late Registration Fee$50.00


A Word about Scholarships

Many IBC students qualify for financial assistance.  Through the kindness of generous donors and through other financial assistance programs, there are a variety of scholarships available to eligible students.  View the scholarship options below to see if you are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is available to students who have displayed exceptional academic abilities and Christian character ($500 to be awarded each semester for a total of 8 semesters). A limited number of these scholarships are available to accepted students meeting the following requirements:

  • To qualify for this scholarship a student must have a minimum composite score of 28 on the ACT, a minimum total score of 1310 on the SAT I, or an 87 on the CLT. An official copy of the ACT, SAT, or CLT scores must be sent directly to the college.
  • The student must be a new full-time freshman or transfer student at IBC.
  • The student must also maintain a 2.75 GPA (B-) as a first-semester freshman and a 3.25 GPA (B+) for the remaining semesters as a student.
  • The student must submit a 250-word essay describing the necessity of excellence in a Christian’s life.

A limited number of music scholarships are available to those with musical talent and skill levels. Students majoring in one of the music degree programs are eligible for these scholarships. Auditions may be required.

A $500 scholarship available each semester for the qualifying high school graduate whose main supporting parent or guardian is a full-time Christian worker.

Wives of full-time students will be allowed a fifty-percent student scholarship for all tuition costs for each semester in which the husband is enrolled with 12 or more semester hours.

IBC has a limited number of positions for qualifying students to work on campus. Interested students should request a work study application to be considered for this program.

These scholarships may be available for qualifying dormitory students in each of the following majors.

  • Bible
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Music
    • Voice
    • Instrumental
  • Education

This scholarship will be applied to the student’s account upon successful completion of each semester, according to the terms of this scholarship. This scholarship applies to full-time dormitory students. Full-time commuting students receive $1,000 under this scholarship.

To see if you qualify for a scholarship please contact the main office.

Cost Calculator

Semester Cost Calculator
This is not an official billing statement, but an estimated cost.  Does not include books.  Scholarships, discounts, and other factors may alter the actual total.

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