Voice Pedagogy

Program Purpose

One of the most repeated commands in the Bible is to sing to the Lord. The Voice Pedagogy associate program prepares the student to teach voice by developing an understanding both of the vocal apparatus and of the pleasing and effective production of vocal sound. The course objectives are crafted with a view toward vocal ministry situations, whether in the local church, schools, camps, special meetings, etc. In addition, students receive training in Bible and general ministry. Voice pedagogy majors must pass a major platform evaluation in voice and a minor platform evaluation in piano.

Program Overview

66 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

20 Credit Hours

General Education

9 Credit Hours


20 Credit Hours

Church Education

8 Credit Hours

Key Courses

MUS 201 | 2 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of music, basic harmonic progressions, and elementary keyboard harmony.

SPE 211 | 1 Credit Hours

The student receives personalized instruction and direction in effective interpretive speech. To provide full audience experience

MUS 237 | 1 Credit Hours

This course is designed to equip the student for the teaching of voice. The student will gain a working knowledge of the vocal apparatus, the pleasing…

MUS 238 | 1 Credit Hours

This course helps the student gain a working knowledge of vocal repertoire that is useful both in voice teaching and also in ministry applications.

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