Pastoral Studies

Program Purpose

Today thousands of churches across America and around the world need Godly pastors. The Pastoral Studies major is an extensive ministerial program designed to give the prospective local church pastor the tools that he needs to effectively minister in the twenty-first century. Our mentoring program, in conjunction with well-balanced classroom education, provides a thorough preparation for tomorrow’s pastors.

Program Overview

132 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

56 Credit Hours

General Education

21 Credit Hours


2 Credit Hours

Biblical Language

14 Credit Hours

Church Education

39 Credit Hours

Key Courses

CED 401 | 2 Credit Hours

 A practical study of the pastor’s leadership and responsibilities, and his relationship to those who follow him.

CED 408 | 2 Credit Hours

 Distinctive doctrines, practices and procedures of Baptist church administration and leadership…

CED 311 | 2 Credit Hours

 This course studies sermon building. An emphasis is placed on outlining and the delivery of expository sermons. Instruction is also given in the preparation…

CED 301 | 2 Credit Hours

 A biblical approach to counseling concerning common problems such as separation, anger, worry, fear, depression, self-esteem,…

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