Fundamentals of Speech II

SPE 102 | 3 Credit Hours
speech with an introduction to parliamentary procedure. Impromptu, pantomime, storytelling, demonstration, and informative speeches are delivered.

Fundamentals of Speech I

SPE 101 | 3 Credit Hours
This basic techniques and principles course offers emphasis on delivery style and platform performance. Manuscript, memorized, and extemporaneous speeches are performed. The class culminates with the devotional.

Biblical Philosophy of Music

MUS 106 | 2 Credit Hours
This course is designed to assist the student in establishing a biblical perspective of music, both in the personal realm and in church ministries.

World Religions/Cults

MIS 202 | 2 Credit Hours
A concise study of the major world religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and others. Emphasis will be placed on the method of Christian witness.

Introduction to Missions

MIS 102 | 2 Credit Hours
A study of the biblical basis of New Testament local church missions and a historical overview of missions from Bible times to the present day. The course will emphasize the role and responsibility of the pastor and the local church in missionary outreach. Instruction will also be included in key relationships in missions, church planting strategies, deputation instruction, and an overview of certain cults and world religions.

Greek Syntax II

LNG 312 | 3 Credit Hours
The development of Greek syntax and analysis with an emphasis on uses of participles, infinitives, and verb tenses and moods. Students continue vocabulary and translation work.

Greek Syntax I

LNG 311 | 3 Credit Hours
A review of Greek Grammar, and the development of Greek syntax with an emphasis on the case uses of nouns. Students will also develop their Greek vocabulary and translate portions of the Greek New Testament.

Greek Grammar II

LNG 212 | 4 Credit Hours
A continuation of LNG 211 emphasizing third declension nouns, participles, infinitives, subjunctive and imperative moods of verbs, and the translation of portions of the Greek New Testament.

Greek Grammar I

LNG 211 | 4 Credit Hours
The elementary study of Greek grammar beginning with the alphabet and covering prepositions, pronouns, first and second declension nouns, and verbs in the indicative mood.

United States History II

HTY 202 | 3 Credit Hours
A careful study of the national progress of the United States from reconstruction after the Civil War to the present. The course will focus on the various factors that led to the growth of America as a great economic, political, military, and spiritual force in the world.

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