Preschool Education

Program Purpose

Many Christian schools today also offer preschool and daycare services, for which they need solid Christian teachers. The Preschool Education associate program equips students to serve in a Christian preschool or daycare by presenting a multifaceted background in general, elementary, foundational, and church education. This degree also provides a springboard toward a bachelor’s degree if the student so desires.

Program Overview

66 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

19 Credit Hours

General Education

12 Credit Hours


3 Credit Hours

Biblical Language

16 Credit Hours

Foundational Education

7 Credit Hours

Church Education

9 Credit Hours

Key Courses

EDF 302 | 2 Credit Hours

 Basic principles of classroom management, organization, discipline, and instruction with emphasis on practical application and Biblical principles.

EDF 212 | 2 Credit Hours

 A survey of childhood and adolescent growth and development, with an emphasis on developmentally appropriate practice in a classroom setting.

EDF 304 | 3 Credit Hours

 Basic philosophical background of Christian day-school education, Biblical principle-based curricula, instruction,…

EDF 250 | 6 Credit Hours

 An internship in a Christian preschool or kindergarten involving observations,…

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