Preschool Education

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” – Proverbs 9:10

Program Purpose

Even though most administrators will require a bachelor’s degree for an elementary teaching position, this degree will equip Christian daycare and preschool teachers.  This degree also provides a springboard toward a bachelor’s degree if the student so desires.

Program Overview

66 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

19 Credit Hours

General Education

12 Credit Hours


3 Credit Hours

Elementary Education

16 Credit Hours

Foundational Education

7 Credit Hours

Church Education

9 Credit Hours

Primary Instructors

Jamie Muma

Ron Bates

Jan Matson

Key Courses

Classroom Management

EDF 302 | 2 Credit Hours

 Basic principles of classroom management, organization, discipline, and instruction with emphasis on practical application and Biblical principles.

Child & Adolescent Development

EDF 212 | 2 Credit Hours

 A survey of childhood and adolescent growth and development, with an emphasis on developmentally appropriate practice in a classroom setting.

Foundations of Education

EDF 304 | 3 Credit Hours

 Basic philosophical background of Christian day-school education, Biblical principle-based curricula, instruction,…

Preschool Teaching Internship

EDF 250 | 6 Credit Hours

 An internship in a Christian preschool or kindergarten involving observations,…

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