Piano Pedagogy

Program Purpose

Since the piano is the main instrument used for sacred music, it is essential that many young people and adults know how to play it well enough to serve in their local churches. The Piano Pedagogy associate program prepares the student teacher to teach piano while also providing training in Bible and general ministry. Enrollment in the program is contingent on a successful piano audition. Piano Pedagogy majors must pass music major platform evaluations in piano.

Program Overview

66 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

20 Credit Hours

General Education

12 Credit Hours


3 Credit Hours

Church Education

7 Credit Hours


24 Credit Hours

Key Courses

MUS 201 | 2 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of music, basic harmonic progressions, and elementary keyboard harmony.

MUS 221 | 2 Credit Hours

 A study of the methods used in piano instruction including the instruction of students at various age and ability levels. The course also examines piano…

MUS 225 | 1  Credit Hour

An introduction to congregational hymn playing with a focus on the pianist’s attitude, etiquette, song selection, preludes, and invitations…

MUS 111 | 1 Credit Hour

 Private instruction in voice, piano, organ, brass, etc. as offered in the class schedule. One half-hour lesson per week. MUS 211, 212, 311, 312, 411, 412 also available.

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