One Year Bible Program

Program Purpose

Many young people have no idea if God wants them to pursue full-time ministry. The One Year Bible Certificate is designed to give the student a solid Biblical foundation for his life and ministry in a local church, whether or not he ends up pursuing vocational ministry. The courses in the one-year Bible program can also be applied to other programs if the graduate chooses to continue his Bible college education. 

Program Overview

32 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

15 Credit Hours

General Education

7 Credit Hours


6 Credit Hours

Church Education

4 Credit Hours

Key Courses

BIB 101 | 2 Credit Hours

A survey of the New Testament books from Matthew through Colossians noting their author, date, purpose, content, and people addressed.

CED 101 | 2 Credit Hours

 A training course in personal evangelism with an emphasis on doing, rather than on discussion. The students will be motivated to win souls and be equipped for…

BIB 311 | 3 Credit Hours

 This course is a comprehensive study of the doctrines of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, angels, man, salvation, and prayer.

Hebrew History I

BIB 407 | 3 Credit Hours

 A comprehensive study of the Jewish nation, beginning with the journey of Abraham through the conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua. Archaeological…

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