Elementary Education

“The future of this nation depends on the Christian training of our youth.” – George Washington

Program Purpose

The elementary education major of Indiana Baptist College provides knowledgeable, highly skilled, professional teachers for Christian schools. The student will receive a solid foundation of Biblical studies as well as a solid foundation in the necessary subjects taught by the elementary school teacher.

Program Overview

132 Credit Hours

Bible and Theology ​

35 Credit Hours

General Education

42 Credit Hours


2 Credit Hours

Foundational Education

11 Credit Hours

Elementary Education

25 Credit Hours

Church Education

17 Credit Hours

Primary Instructors

Jamie Muma

Ron Bates

Paul Reed

Key Courses

Introduction to Christian Education

CED 201 | 2 Credit Hours

A survey of the many various educational ministries of the local church. Students are challenged to develop a…

Classroom Management

EDF 302 | 2 Credit Hours

Basic principles of classroom management, organization, discipline, and instruction with emphasis on practical application and Biblical principles.

Foundations of Education

EDF 304 | 3 Credit Hours

Basic philosophical background of Christian day-school education, Biblical principle-based curricula, instruction, and teaching.

Elementary Teaching Internship

EDF 450 | 9 Credit Hours

 Nine weeks of internship in an off-campus Christian day school involving observations,…

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