Church Music Ministries

“The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” – Johann Sebastian Bach

Program Purpose

Women can have a unique, effective, and scriptural music ministry in the local church. This program prepares the godly lady for useful service in the church, both in the music ministry and in other appropriate ministries. This program differs from the men’s pastoral & church music program in that it replaces courses specifically designed for men, such as Homiletics, Leadership, and Second Man, with courses appropriate for women, such as Church Education Ministries and the Christian Woman’s Ministry. Church Music Ministries majors must pass music major platform evaluations in their primary proficiency.

This degree program is for ladies who seek to serve their local church through music. If you are a young man seeking for a degree in church music ministries please see the Pastoral and Church Music degree program .

Program Overview

132 Credit Hours

*Also available as an Associates Degree

Bible and Theology ​

46 Credit Hours

General Education

15 Credit Hours


1 Credit Hours


55 Credit Hours

Church Education

15 Credit Hours

Primary Instructors

Paul Reed

Leanna York

John Reed

Key Courses

Music Theory I

MUS 201 | 2 Credit Hours

 Fundamentals of music, basic harmonic progressions, and elementary keyboard harmony.

Ear Training and Sight Singing I

MUS 205 | 1 Credit Hour

 The student will learn to sight read music and develop the ear through dictation.

Instrumentation I

MUS 215 | 2 Credit Hours

 An introductory study of basic performance and pedagogy in brass, percussion, woodwind, and stringed instruments.

Teaching Christian School Music

MUS 307 | 2 Credit Hours

 An overview of teaching techniques in music with an emphasis on the implementation of a graded choir program for…

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