Biblical Studies

“Many things in the Bible I cannot understand; many things in the Bible I only think I understand; but there are many things in the Bible I cannot misunderstand.” – Anonymous

Program Purpose

A thorough knowledge of the Bible will prepare any student for the ministry to which God has called them. This major is for those who desire a more complete understanding of the Word of God, but do not feel a specific call to the pastorate, evangelism, or missions.

Program Overview

132 Credit Hours

*Also available as an Associates Degree

Bible and Theology ​

63 Credit Hours

General Education

28 Credit Hours


5 Credit Hours

Biblical Language

14 Credit Hours

Church Education

22 Credit Hours

Primary Instructors

Paul Loder

Warren Dafoe

Paul Reed

Key Courses


BIB 205 | 2 Credit Hours

 A study of the science of interpretation of the Scripture, emphasizing a literal, grammatical, historical approach. Practice…


BIB 206 | 2 Credit Hours

 A study of the dispensational method of Biblical interpretation as it relates to history, theology, and hermeneutics.

Bible Doctrines I

BIB 311 | 3 Credit Hours

This course is a comprehensive study of the doctrines of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, angels, man, salvation, and prayer.

Bible Prophecy I

BIB 405 | 2 Credit Hours

 A study of the Old Testament covenants, the course of the present age, and the theories of the rapture and of the…

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